The Caretakers Cottage Youth Refuge is located in Bondi and houses up to 10 young people between 13 and 17 years old.

Who comes to us for help?

Both families and young people contact us for help. Family breakdown may mean that a child can no longer live at home, or it may be a temporary situation that we can help to reconcile. Often young people who are experiencing substance abuse problems or mental health issues will find themselves with nowhere to live.

What services do we provide?

  • Early intervention to help young people and their families rebuild broken relationships
  • Crisis accommodation to give our residents a safe place to stay for up to 3 months
  • Case management to help our residents plan what to do next (whether that is to return home, move on to longer-term accommodation or move out independently)
  • Aftercare & outreach to help our former residents stay on track once they have moved on
  • NEW: Colour My Voice Art Program!!!

Stability and structure

At Caretakers Cottage we believe in helping young people help themselves. Every young person who comes to live with us must make a commitment to work out a plan to resolve their issues and agree to follow the rules of the house. In return each resident gets individual support they need to work through their problems and find a solution for a brighter future.

Contact Us

Phone: (02) 9389 0999


Terms of Service

Caretakers Cottage respects the rights and confidentiality of the young people in its service and takes all feedback regarding the service seriously and respects the rights of service users and others who wish to make a complaint. Contact us regarding general feedback; for complaints, please follow the instructions on the complaints guide.