Entity Out of Home Care Services

Entity provides 4 places for young people aged from 12 to 17 years old in a house that runs similarly to a family home.

Who comes to us for help?
Entity helps those kids that are already in care of the Minister for Community Services, but who are having difficulties. These range from educational difficulties, young people with a history of abuse or kids who have difficulties in controlling their behavior. All referrals need to come to us through the Metro Central Child and Family Regional Unit.

What services do we provide?
Accommodation that gives our residents the experience of living in a structured environment similar to a family home
Case management to help our residents move to a positive and independent adulthood
After-care outreach to help our ex-residents stay on track once they have moved on.

Stability and structure
At Entity our young people are each given their own bedroom and they are expected to contribute to their home. Each young person is expected to do chores and take responsibility for maintaining their living environment. Once our residents are 15 years old they will participate in independent living skill development. Each resident is also provide with individual practical and emotional support to help them work through their problems and find a solution for a brighter future.

Former Entity residents who have left care (once turning 18) can always receive support from Entity Aftercare caseworker. The aim is to assist those who want more support as they learn to live independently.

Read more: Entity OOHC Brochure, Entity Aftercare Brochure

Phone: (02) 9554 5017

Email: entity@caretakers.org.au

Email: entityaftercare@caretakers.org.au

Entity Semi-Independent Living

Entity Semi-Independent Living (formerly Horizons Youth Housing) provides accommodation for young people aged 15 to 17 year old who are transitioning from the care of the Minister of Community Services to independent living.  During their transition to independent living, young people at Entity Semi-Independent continue to come under the care of the Minister for Community Services.  Whilst referrals can come directly to our service, they will also need to come via the Metro Central Child and Family Regional Unit.

Who comes to us for help?
Young people who are moving out of care of the Minister to start their independent adult life.

What services do we provide?
Semi-independent accommodation to give our residents the opportunity to manage a tenancy successfully; Case management to help our residents develop independent living skills and work towards education, employment and health goals.

Stability and structure
At Entity Semi-Independent Living, we provide a detailed assessment of our young peoples skills and abilities to provide them with the support they need to live on their own successfully. Our residents must be prepared to engage with the case management process and motivated to achieve their goals.

Phone: (02) 9554 5017

Email: joentity@caretakers.org.au

Terms of Service

Entity Out of Home Care respects the rights and confidentiality of the young people in its service and takes all feedback regarding the service seriously and respects the rights of service users and others who wish to make a complaint. Contact us regarding general feedback; for complaints, please follow the instructions on the complaints guide.


Caretakers Cottage is accredited by the Office of Children's Guardian.