Wanting to move out?

Thinking of independence? Moving out is not going to be easy. For some of you this should be your last resort and not the ideal option if you just don’t like living at home. But if you are serious about living independently, you will probably need to get some help to be able to make it happen.

What are your living skills like?

You will need a bunch of skills in order to make independence a reality!

  • Be able to organise your life – get yourself up and ready for work, school or appointments
  • Look after your health
  • Do your own shopping
  • Cook – even just basic meals
  • Clean – keep the house and garden in good condition
  • Budget!!!! Aside from rent, you need to prioritise how your money is spent
  • If you are sharing, be able to communicate respectfully with your flatmate

For some young people, living on one's own is not entirely within reach due to lack of support, stable employment. Others would love to live on their own but also want to pursue an education or trade.

This is where transitional housing might help!

We can help you successfully manage a tenancy in a semi-supported environment to become ready for complete independence. You can live on your own while you are completing your education or training, or starting to work.

Options Youth Housing

Semi-independent, transitional housing

Phone: (02) 9388 9341

Email: optionsyouth@caretakers.org.au

Referrals: Services wishing to refer young people to Options should read our eligibility criteria and complete our referral form. Successful applicants will begin with a three month trial (read the checklist for what the young person must achieve).


To read our comprehensive guide to housing options for young people, check out Your Move.