For children and young adults, homelessness is a serious crisis. Quite often the result of significant breakdown in family relationships and the lack of community support. In many instances youth homelessness can be avoided altogether. For this reason Caretakers Cottage aims to to prevent youth homelessness by engaging young people and their families to help resolve relationship issues before it is too late.

Our caseworkers can help you with:

  • Outreach & support
  • Family meetings / mediation
  • Referrals to family counselling
  • Referrals to support services for mental health, drug & alcohol
  • Advice on different school and education options
  • Referrals for semi-independent accommodation

Early Intervention Programs

Caretakers Cottage runs two early intervention programs:

Caretakers Cottage "Stay Strong" Program

Phone: (02) 9389 0999


  • Eastern Suburbs Early Intervention Program: This is geared specifically to local teens and young people (13-24) and their families living in Eastern Sydney. The program is run in partnership with the Ted Noffs Foundation.

Ted Noffs Foundation

Phone: (02) 9305 6558


Caretakers Cottage

Phone: (02) 9389 0999



*Please note: these programs assist those living in their specific catchment areas. For those living elsewhere, please contact us to locate a service near you (e.g. youth homelessness services, Family Referral Services, Reconnect Programs).

Terms of Service

Caretakers Cottage respects the rights and confidentiality of the young people in its service and takes all feedback regarding the service seriously and respects the rights of service users and others who wish to make a complaint. Contact us regarding general feedback; for complaints, please follow the instructions on the complaints guide.