Are you safe?

Is there violence or emotional abuse happening at home? Do you feel as though you are walking on egg shells? Perhaps your parents are constantly fighting or you or someone else in your home is being abused? Do you feel you absolutely have to get out? Do you feel there is no choice?

You are not safe if:

  • You do not have a stable, permanent place to live.
  • You are being emotionally and/or physically hurt by someone you live with.
  • Someone you live with is making unwanted sexual advances towards you.
  • Someone you live with is constantly shouting at you and calling you abusive names.
  • The people you are living with are often affected by drugs/alcohol which makes their behaviour difficult or upsetting to live with.

You’re housing is unsuitable if:

  • Where you live is overcrowded and you do not have a space to call your own
  • You have to sleep on the couch and don’t have your own bed
  • Someone you live with has a mental health condition that makes your life stressful
  • You are staying at a different person’s house each night and have nowhere permanent to sleep
  • You feel unhappy or unsafe at home a lot of the time for any other reason


Caretakers Cottage Youth Refuge

For teens ages 13 - 17

Phone: (02) 9389 0999




Police: 000

Child Protection Helpline: 132 111

Domestic Violence Hotline: 1800 656 463

Link2Home:* 1800 152 152


NEW: Youth Refuge Directory (2016)

A complete list of NSW crisis accommodation services for young people under 18.

View it as a Google Map.


*Link2Home is a 24/7 statewide phone service that provides information, assessments and referrals to homelessness services across New South Wales run by the Department of Family and Community Services. You will be able to tell someone your situation and they will help you find a place to go.