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The Fixer | Southern Courier | October 2012

To Be Fixed: Daceyville Home

Options Youth Housing needs your help

Options Youth Housing needs your help

Problem: A young disadvantaged family is waiting to move into a house in need of repair. Options Youth Housing, a non-for-profit organisation, is calling for volunteers and materials to get the house up to scratch, for it to be "a safe, clean and welcoming space for our young family to move into", says program manager Kate Witherdin (pictured, left). Options Youth Housing has one full-time and one part-time staff member.

Solution: Options Youth Housing is looking for donations of materials, including paint, paint brushes, tiles, lino and volunteers to help with labour. "The maintenance falls on us, so if we can't get people to help we don't really know what we will do, because we have very little money in the kitty," Ms. Witherdin said.

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